Bill Bolton Arena offers fun and dynamic recreational Learn-to-Skate programs for ages 4 to 99. Operating without formal evaluations and leveling, we develop our students into skaters by focusing on their individual weaknesses and improving the areas that most need it. We don't hold children back based on which level they initially registered for, they are constantly pushed up to the next group as soon as they are ready. We have found this to be an effective method at building novice skaters into confident, recreational skaters ready to tackle hockey or figure skating at the next level.

For more information email us at or call us at 416-392-0088


Beginner Classes

We offer fun and dynamic skating classes for children 4 and up. Beginners are children who require the use of a cart or can only shuffle on the ice. Classes are offered in eight, 30-minute sessions. Classes are offered Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • 4:1 student-instructor ratio in our beginner classes to ensure your child gets the support they need

  • No group restrictions. Once your child is ready to move up a level, they'll be moved into the group that best addresses the skills they need to develop

  • No stressful test days, skaters are moved up when they are ready.

  • Affordable, $120.50 for an 8 week session.

Regular Class

Our Regular classes are generally for children 6 and up who have demonstrated strong forward gliding ability. Classes are offered in eight, 60-minute sessions. Classes are offered Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • 7:1 student-instructor ratio

  • Our regular class begins to address more advanced skating skills such as backwards skating, hockey stops, pivoting, forwards/backwards crossovers.

  • Drills will develop multiple skills so skaters understand how each skill is used in on-ice situations.

  • No stressful test days, skaters are assessed as they perform the usual skating drills.

  • Affordable, $147.50 for eight, one-hour classes

Adult Classes

Bill Bolton is also proud to offer adult skating lessons on Sunday mornings. We offer both a beginner and regular class to match your needs.

  • Beginner class is geared towards adults who have never skated before and are looking to develop the basics (balance, forward stride, stopping)

  • Regular class is for recreational skaters looking to develop more advanced skating techniques you cannot develop in a public skating environment (backwards skating, crossovers, power stops)

  • Small, hour-long classes allow for lots of one-on-one work with our instructors.

  • Affordable! $167 for eight, one hour classes with a 4:1 ratio.